I hope we can all agree that words only represent arbitrary symbols that convey some sort of meaning. So naturally, they are limited in the sense of impact they make.

But images? Images are a different story.

Images convey immediate meaning and produce instant impact.

That’s why your copywriting will hit harder and become much more memorable and persuasive if your words can create a mental image in the head of the person reading them (or listening to them.)

Your goal as a copywriter is to *create* that image through the mental visual association carried by each word.

Because if…

veselin malev copywriting blog

Whenever I start writing for a new client, I have this thing where I sit down and I look at ALL the copywriting they’ve ever put out. It’s only natural.

Spotting and fixing their mistakes has become second nature to me, almost like scratching an itch — it always feels good when you do it, especially if it’s one you can’t really put your finger on.

Right now, I just want to vent and address all the pet peeves I have with most businesses’ copywriting.

If you’re a small business owner, you’ll get a lot out of this article so…

Copywriting is not about me and you. It’s all about HER. Or him, of course. Your target client.

Even if your target customer believes your company is the best thing since Apple and that you’re more trustworthy than Jesus himself, they’re still not going to buy from you unless you appeal to their most selfish of needs.

  • She doesn’t care if you’re starting your biggest sale today (unless she knows you have something she wants.)
  • Her eyes roll over with boredom as she glances over your Facebook ad (unless you can grab her attention by specifically showing her how your…

Let’s say you’re standing on a street corner.

On the one side of the street, you see your best friend waving as they’re coming to meet you.

On the other side, you notice a tiger slowly making its way toward the street corner.

Question: How would you warn your friend that they should stop walking towards you because there’s a tiger approaching around the corner?

It’s kind of the same when we’re taking about “agitating the problem” when writing copy.

The product or service you provide aims to solve some problem or relieve some pain point that your customer is experiencing.

And if you want your copy to convince and convert into buying *your* solution, you have to remind them of the pain…

My name’s Veselin Malev, and I’m a copywriter.

That’s why you can excuse me if my opinion is somewhat biased.

But I’m here to tell you one thing today: copywriting is the number 1 skill you should be learning in your 20s and 30s.

On the one hand, writing in itself is a great meditative tool for organizing your mind, venting out your emotions, and reflecting your personality onto a piece of paper (or you know, a Word file.)

On the second hand, whoever you are, the ability to make language your bitch will undoubtedly have a positive effect on…

Veselin Malev

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